Focus is a communication agency that is able to adapt and respond at its best to every communication demands and needs, such as elaborate a graphic charter or organize an event.

Our services

Advice & strategy

communication strategy and media planning - reputation management - media relations


market strategy and launch - seminar and professional meeting - inauguration - sports event

Graphic design

print & Web - graphic charter - logo conception - advertising campaign - infographics - eco-responsibility


online advertising - natural referencing - community management

Our expertise

Here are the services we offer.


Our agency is able to give some advices for your communication strategy. Nowadays, it is necessary for companies to have a defined strategy, for example define your target audience, your communication objectives and actions.


Our team can create and organise your events such as conferences, seminars, sports events or teambuilding events. We adapt our work to every customer’s demand and need so that they can achieve their objectives.

Print design

Our team is actively engaged in the protection of our environment and supports sustainable development. Our agency takes into consideration the environmental impact and societal in every project so that we can propose graphic alternatives in your advertising campaigns. (read our eco-responsibility engagement).


We can elaborate your web communication strategy and adapting it to the latest technology and innovations. We’re able for example to develop your website’s referencing, create or feed any of your web communication tools.

Graphic design

Our graphic designer team can create communication visuals for your projects on web and print formats. You’ll be directly in contact with our graphic designers, it will facilitate the communication between you so that you can manage the creation process.


Coline Martino

Artistic director

« The details make the perfection, and the perfection is not a detail ! »

Ophélie Malbeth

Event manager

« You can’t run out of creativity, more you’ll use it, more you’ll have it »

Nelly Zahra

Marketing manager

« The curiosity of life in every aspects is, i think, the secret of the greatest creative persons »

Alexandre Zanatta

Community Manager

« Liberty is the founding of creativity »



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